13 Songs for Midsummer

13 Songs for Midsummer June 17, 2011

O glorious sun! O Sol Invictus! May you shine on us a little less intensely and let your heat waves rest as we celebrate your zenith!

Here’s some tunes to groove out to this Solstice!

13. Katrina and the Waves – Walking on Sunshine

Because this is my default solar holiday song!

12. Len – Steal My Sunshine

I never thought this song would date me, but I have nieces and nephews who are younger than this tune…

11. Gaia Consort – Solstice Call

I love the joyful inclusiveness of this song!

10. Spiral Dance – Weaving the Summer

And with this I’m ready to dance ’round a bonfire!

9. Gilbert & Sullivan – The Sun Whose Rays Are All Ablaze

Sometimes, when on a long stretch of road and alone in my car, I belt this out off-key…

8. Damh the Bard – Noon of the Solstice

This song makes me grin ear to ear!


7. Emerald Rose – Come to the Dance

I’ve got a week of big dancing rituals ahead of me and this song is spinning in my head.


6. Lumina Vocal Ensemble – Sumer Is Icumen In

This song always seems to need a tuba. Must have watched The Wicker Man too many times!

5. Cream – Sunshine of Your Love

Because nothing says Solstice like a fur cap and electric guitars. If you haven’t played Guitar Hero, this song alone is worth it. I play the bass part and pretend I’m the coolest rocker in the world for about 4 mins.


4. Donovan – Sunshine Superman

I love Donovan…


3. Richard Thompson – 1985

When summer comes around we get nostalgic for the songs of the summers of our youth. So here’s one of the members of Fairport convention singing a song that was a hit a few years ago that looks back to the music of the 80’s.

2. Pentangle – Light Flight

This is good road music for a summer vacation…

1. Madonna – Sky Fits Heaven

Ok, this fits in barely. It’s fun though, and a good example of Madonna’s spiritual side.


I’m on the road benefiting from the edifying company of a bard and an author. If you’re headed to PSG, you’ll find me in Media Camp. I’ll be the one with pink hair. If you’re at home, then I’ll still be blogging while at the festival!

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