Casting Endora

Casting Endora August 30, 2011

Yesterday The Wild Hunt reported that a revamp of Bewitched is being planned for television. And of course, people wondered who on earth could play Endora after Agnes Moorehead?

Agnes Moorehead as Endora

Even though a lot of us secretly want to be Endora deep down, we all know no real Witches look like Endora…

Lady Circe of the Sisterhood and Brotherhood of the Wicca and Lady Sintana of the House of Ravenwood

Agnes Moorehead was an amazing actress who became a recognized name after beginning to work with Orson Welles. She had memorable roles in both Citizen Kane and The Magnificent Ambersons.

Moorehead broke my heart as unlucky Fanny in The Magnificent Ambersons

So who on earth could fill her award-winning and groovy pointed shoes?

Shirley Maclaine could do it, but would she?
Cloris Leachman could pull it off but is she too zany?
Funny and statuesque, but is Jane Lynch too butch?
Dolly Parton could reinvent the role...
...but Reba McEntire is a tv veteran and has the hair already!
Megan Mullally could be the world's most terrifying mother-in-law easy...

Who do you think should play Endora?

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