The Moon is Full of Secrets and Promises

The Moon is Full of Secrets and Promises September 12, 2011

Here on the east coast the moon was full early this morning. Though still full, she is no longer waxing, and tonight will be void of course when I step into circle. I find that comforting.

When the moon is void of course, she presents two faces. On one, the one we most often consider, she tells us anything we undertake while she is void of course is apt to come to nothing. We work in vain, run in place and generally get nowhere.Void of course is generally avoided for any magical work.

Yet void of course shows another face of the moon. When the moon is void of course no one can interfere with your work. This is a time when the moon grants us peace. Though we may work in vain, so is everyone else. Though we are running in place, so is everyone else.

qwincowper via Flickr CC

With all the things we have to do in our every day lives, void of course seems like a huge inconvenience. The idea of being forced to be still, of being unfruitful, fallow and isolated can rankle against our modern sensibilities. Yet it’s also a gift. Maybe you have stress from work, maybe your family is getting on your nerves, maybe finances are strained or you’re dealing with some private grief exacerbated by outside influences. Maybe isolation, quiet, stillness and moonlit peace are what you need.

Consider tonight a gift. A small retreat in the midst of your life. Find a place of comfort and quiet. Sit in the moonlight. Bask in this personal consultation with the moon. She has created this space for you, so that she may whisper all the promises and secrets she has for you in your ear. It’s just you two, and no one else.

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