A New Year (What does it mean?!?!?)

A New Year (What does it mean?!?!?) January 2, 2012

The calendar New Year is rather strange for a Pagan, as many of us celebrate the New Year on other dates. Either by the new solar year, or by Samhain as the ending-that-is-a-beginning.

I ended up ringing in the arbitrary calendar date stone-cold sober with friends watching Steel Magnolias. Like people do.

But what the new calendar year holds for us? I don’t know. Doreen Virtue has some messages from the Archangel Michael. (Or Ninurta depending on your perspective.)


Of course some people still think next Yule signals the end of the world. Harold Camping isn’t making any new predictions.

So I decided to do something different this morning. I decided to divine what 2012 holds for myself. So here’s what I got. Take it with a grain of salt. Your mileage may vary.

2012 is a year where we may find all we desire. Whatever we need, we can make it happen this year. But it will require work on our part. I was reminded of things that I had in the past that I didn’t appreciate. I was challenged on that. I had changed. I would change again. How would I change? For the better, I answered. I will strive for excellence.

My instruction was to create an altar and all would be well. And sometimes that’s what it takes. You have to create space in your life for good things to come to you, even if only symbolically. And may we seek out things that will change with us, for the better, and grow with us. Rather than fulfill the need of a season only to discard our blessings when they no longer fit, let’s seek blessings and dig deep roots. I think the most effective way to get what we need and desire from 2012 is to think longterm. Think in terms of generations. Think of perennial benefits. Think of strong foundations and deep roots. Build something that will last.

And that’s all the New Year’s wisdom I have to share. Whatever 2012 brings us, may it bring us more joy!


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