The Irresistible Idea of Being One

The Irresistible Idea of Being One January 12, 2012

We are all made of star stuff. It’s just a scientific fact. There is nothing in the universe that is foreign to the universe (as far as we know). Everything in the universe is made up of the same building blocks. But does it then follow that all things are One?

Earth Unity Flag


If anything is truly remarkable about the Universe, it is that such diversity exists within it. Just on our own planet, the countless species of plant and animal life is a little overwhelming. The uniqueness of life in all it’s forms is miraculous. Think about how different a jellyfish is from a labrador from a redwood tree. They are very distinct and unique forms of life with their own gifts and limitations.

When we are all so physically distinct and unique, why is it we tend to assume a spiritual oneness? Is not logical to assume that our spirits, our souls and our conciousness are just as distinct as our physical forms? And if we are truly one in spirit by nature, why do we work so hard to connect to each other and be mindful of that oneness?

The very atoms of our body work so hard to maintain their individuality, to perpetuate the very distinctness of our being. They do not seek to connect to the atoms in other distinct manifestations of life. Your hand does not melt into the earth and merge with it in an expression of unity.

So why is the idea of One so irresistible? Is it more natural to think of Many instead? And are the connections we make not because we are trying to regain some connection lost in a sundering in the distant past, but because we are curious evolving creatures interested in exploring that which is different from us? Is it more meaningful to connect to others because we believe we are already connected, or because we choose to build bridges of understanding?

That’s what I ponder over my bowl of cheerios. What do you think?

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