Pagan Soup: Gary Johnson, Wild Hunt podcast and Autism Month

Pagan Soup: Gary Johnson, Wild Hunt podcast and Autism Month March 26, 2012

Cara Schulz Hung Out With Gary Johnson

Yup, a presidential candidate hung out with a Hellenic polytheist for a day. Could you imagine Ross Perot hanging out with Selena Fox? Me neither.

Cara has written about the experience over on PNC-MN and it’s worth a read. Even if you don’t agree with his politics, it’s refreshing to read something political without it being full of “God! Gays! Abortion!

The Wild Hunt Has A Podcast

Jason has created a weekly podcast that looks deeply into news stories of Pagan interest. I’m very excited, because it’s a unique thing and I think it’s a fantastic idea.

This week Jason discussed Paganicon, a Pagan convention held in Paganistan (Minneapolis-St. Paul) with Elysia Gallo and Cara Schulz. Next week he’s discussing Halloran’s run for Congress and fascism.

April Is Autism Awareness Month

I’ll be writing about autism in April, particularly about my quest for an accurate diagnosis. I’d love to feature some blog posts by either autistic Pagan adults or Pagan parents of autistic children. If you are interested in participating, give me a shout at

Other Odds and Ends

Tim Titus shares what he’s learned from a piece of modern mythos: Star Wars.

Beth Owl’s Daughter takes a wider view of The Lovers in the tarot.

John Beckett gives a review of The Hunger Games.

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