13 Artists I Am Listening To Now

13 Artists I Am Listening To Now May 21, 2012

I was going to wax eloquent on magic, but I’m not in the mood.

So here’s what I find musically interesting right now. Only slightly related to Paganism, although there are Pagan themes and artists in the list…

13. Wendy Rule’s The Lotus Eaters album

This album should be used as a soundtrack for a film adaptation of the Odyssey.

12. Dar Williams’ In the Time of Gods album

She may not identify as one, but Dar has a Pagan sensibility. Another Odyssey themed album.

11. Natalie Merchant

Remember her? I’ve been revisiting her music lately.

10. The Crüxshadows

No longer recall how I discovered this band, but I like their songs. Just needs a tad more banjo for my taste.

9. Whitney Houston

Completely saturating the radio stations of my youth, I hadn’t listened to Whitney in years. Since her death I have been revisiting her music. This particular version of an iconic Whitney song illustrates the magnificence of her voice.

8. Indigo Girls

I think they get written off as a “girl group” by those unfamiliar with their music, but I’ve been craving some of their darker songs lately.

7. Sun God

Life works in weird circles. I used to listen to Cassandra Complex a good bit, but was completely unaware of Rodney Orpheus’ other project, Sun God, until recently.

6. ABBA’s Knowing Me, Knowing You

I’m addicted to this song lately. I think it’s the “unh-haaaa” that reels me in.

5. Cassandra Complex

Back in the days when I first discovered bands like Bauhaus and Joy Division, I remember listening to Cassandra Complex. I’ve been revisiting some of their music lately.

4. Cher

One of my roommates is a huge Cher fan. It’s infectious.


3. Grateful Dead’s Friend of the Devil

I’ve heard a few different covers of this song lately. All of them excellent.

2. Dido’s White Flag

I really don’t like Dido. I used to flip the station when one of her songs came on. But this $%# song has been stuck in my head for days. I’m ashamed to admit to listening to this song.

1. Inkubus Sukkubus’ Aradia

This song disturbs me. Much like the Vangelo disturbs me.


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