All About The Love: Congrats to the Wigglian Way!

All About The Love: Congrats to the Wigglian Way! May 27, 2012

I don’t listen to enough Pagan podcasts. I’d be a better person if I did.

Tonight I ran across Tim Titus’ post on the Juggler for the 100th episode of The Wigglian Way. I can’t like Tim’s post enough, and you should go read it right now:

From the very beginning, The Wigglian Way has been “all about the love.”  In a minority faith, it is so easy to use the platform of a popular podcast to rail against the oppressions of the majority faith.  In a community plagued by witch wars, it can be so tempting to use your public persona to undermine whatever side you disagree with.  But the Wigglians avoid those temptations.  Instead, they broadcast love and inclusion, and the messages they received from all across the Pagan world clearly demonstrate that their love has returned to them more than threefold.

I can’t agree with Tim enough. His post reminded me I still hadn’t listened to the episode. So I poured a cold glass of water, snuggled in with a snoring puppy and listened.

The Wigglians are pure love. They are good friends that visit you and cheer you up. They are what I imagine a night at a Pagan pub would be like. I had been having a melancholy night, full of worry and stress over things I can’t control. Within seconds I was smiling, and by the end of the episode I was full of love.

I am curmudgeonly, and only satisfied when I’m dissecting some bit of lore, praxis or theology. Listening to The Wigglian Way tonight makes me consider that I don’t need to be quite such a grump. I need to be open and loving more often.

Sparrow and Mojo remind me that I need to be a better Pagan, and that I need to emphasize love in all I do. I don’t listen to The Wigglian Way enough, but I need some of that love and joy to visit me, and I’ll bet you do too.

Next year, at Pantheacon, I’m taking Mojo up on grabbing some pizza, and you can bet I’ll have a beer with Sparrow. Thanks for all you do, keep walking “the Wigglian Way,” and keep on making it All About The Love!

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