Paganistan, I Am In You

Paganistan, I Am In You September 5, 2012

Ok, so admittedly I am on the outskirts of Paganistan, crashing with the amazing Nels Linde and Judy Olson until I figure out what’s what. It has been an insane week of strange nomadic behavior, and of being carried by the current to strange new places.

First, big thanks to Amy who picked me up crying on the side of the road, cheered me up, gave me a place to crash for the night, and hauled me around. You rock! Big thanks also to my friend Judy back in Georgia, who also gave me a place to crash, and helped me get my stuff sorted. Big thanks to Adrian and Michelle who also gave me a place to crash, made me breakfast and dropped me at the airport. I will miss all my friends back in Georgia!

Big thanks for Cara and Heather from picking me up when I landed, taking me to lunch, treating me to an impromptu slumber party, and giving me the quick and dirty on what I need to know to be a proper Paganistani. And of course a big thanks to Judy and Nels for taking me in at the end of my rambles!

I have literally been swept along a current of possibility and goodwill. I have never before in my life simply gone with the flow like this. I have ended up at tattoo parlors, birthday parties, IKEA and sitting around looking at 30 years worth of Witchcraft archives. And from someone who had $3 and no idea where she was going to live, the kindness of others and a little bit of fate managed to see each problem solved almost magically, as donations came in and I was able to afford a plane ticket, find places to sleep for a night or two, and find transportation to and from places I needed to go.

For all the people who sent me donations, who sent me kind messages, and who physically helped me move myself across the country, I can never express my gratitude enough. I am still overwhelmed at the outpouring of love and support I have received. It was completely unexpected and miraculous.

I am excited to be living in this part of the country, and getting to know the Pagan community here. I may have landed here with only 4 bags and some donated money in my pocket, but I have a feeling that I’m going to thrive here and love every minute of it!

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