What Is A Christian Parent Coach?

What Is A Christian Parent Coach? June 15, 2024

Meeting with a Christian parent coach can help you become the parent you want to be. | Photo by studioroman on canva.com.

Who do you call when you are at the end of your rope in parenting? Do you have a friend that you trust or call your parent? Maybe you feel alone? This could be where a Christian Parent Coach could be helpful. But, what is a Christian Parent Coach?

What is a Christian Parent Coach?

On Created to Play, I define a parent coach as “someone trained to help you, encourage you, and equip you to become the parent you want to be.” To add the word Christian means that they do it with a biblical worldview and the help of the Holy Spirit.

There are no legal standards for coaches, so not all parent coaches may have training. As someone who values education and excellence, training is important to me. I am certified through Connected Families, a ministry that has served 10s of thousands of parents for over 20 years.

Who Should Use a Christian Parent Coach?

Many Christian parents are trying to break generational curses in how they parent and can’t talk to their own parents about discipline. 

There are also Christians who, even though they love their church, do not feel supported in how they choose to parent their children there.

Maybe you are confused by all the advice you hear or don’t know where to start. Or, maybe you have even taken the classes and read the book, but just want a little more personalized help. 

You have tried everything or are stuck in a rut.

If any of these sound like you or you’re just curious, parent coaching might be for you.

How Much Do Christian Parent Coaches Cost?

Investing in a parent coach will cost time, money, and energy if you want to see the impact. 

Prices and programs vary. You can find one-on-one coaching which is typically more expensive but catered specifically to your needs. There are also monthly subscriptions for group coaching which will typically be a bit more affordable. You could spend $40 a month or $200 or more an hour.

I offer a monthly Discipline and Discipleship program with weekly meetings and also one-on-one options. My rates range from $47/month to $275 for a four-session package, but you can also get individual sessions.

How Does It Work?

There is also some variety here, especially with the online options these days. 

With my one-on-one clients, I meet with them on Zoom every 2 weeks for four one-hour sessions. There is teaching, conversation, prayer, and homework. Parents walk away with a workbook, practical tools, recordings of the sessions, and other resources. 

In each session, we also address real-life situations that families are currently struggling with.

Additionally, parents can choose to get in-between help via text and email to help in the day-to-day.

My monthly membership offers weekly small group coaching with one discipline training, one discipleship training, and two Q&As per month. One-on-one calls can be added at a discounted rate. These parents also get a library of resources and previously recorded training. 

How to Choose a Christian Parent Coach?

Any choice should be made with lots of prayer but I recommend spending time getting to know a coach and making sure their style resonates with your parenting goals. 

You can check out their blog, social media, credentials, podcast, YouTube channel, presentations, or podcast guest appearances. You can also see if they offer consultations. Reviews are another great piece of information.

So Many Choices

There are a lot of Christian parent coach choices online. The best way to know if it is right for you is to reach out and start asking questions. If there is a parenting ministry that you love, you could also start there and see if they offer coaching. 

I pray that you will get the support and encouragement you need to become the parent you want to be and to enjoy the journey.


About Joy Wendling, MA
Enthusiastic. Passionate. Profound. Joy Wendling is a family pastor, writer, speaker, podcaster, certified parent coach, and founder of Created to Play. She has over 20 years of experience in children, youth, and family ministry, as well as a Master’s in Youth, Family, and Culture from Fuller Theological Seminary. She also is certified in Connected Families Parent Coaching and Parenting for Faith. Her idea of relaxing is gazing at the mountains from her island home with an ice-cold Diet Coke and a good book. Joy lives in the Pacific Northwest and enjoys laughing and playing with her five daughters and husband. Get to know her better at CreatedtoPlay.com and on her podcast titled Playfully Faithful Parenting. You can read more about the author here.

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