Changes afoot!

Changes afoot! July 20, 2012

Hang tight, everybody! We’re going to Patheos!

(The new URL will be, but you’ll be redirected anyway.)

It’s kind of like being this cat.

The Phoenix and Olive Branch is about to join its sister sites No Longer Quivering and Love, Joy, Feminism on Patheos. I’m very excited to be part of Patheos’ ever-expanding conversation. Here’s a preview of some of the topics you’ll see me address:

More of the Religious Fundamentalism and Sexuality Project (which, by the way, has been reopened for additional participants!)

Adventures in Egalitarian Marriage: My relationship with Stuart, our wedding plans, a report on the wedding itself (next year) and our experiments with chore-sharing and negotiating responsibilities.

Nature’s God: my thoughts on spirituality now.

Yes, You Can be Normal, a series about the strategies I used to acculturate into “normal” society after growing up fundamentalist and my tips to make it easier.

More Survival Songs.

More on Graduate School.

More on Abortion and Birth Control.

The conclusion of the Daughter of the Patriarchy series.

And, of course, your regularly scheduled patriarchy-bashing, poking holes in the modesty doctrine, occasional forays into politics and the economy, and whatever else pops up in the news that pings my fundar.

Got suggestions or requests? Leave ’em in the comments!

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