Jesus Wept. And So Can You.

Jesus Wept. And So Can You. April 4, 2024

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Jesus Wept. And So Can You.

This evening my husband and I had the unfortunate occurrence of having to take a trip to the hospital. Easter had come, we celebrated at church, and we thought we would have a family filled Sunday afternoon. Obviously my husband’s body had other plans. As we made our hurried trip to the hospital the tears were threatening to spill over like a sink that is overflowing with water.  The thoughts began to come, keep it together! You have to be strong. You can do this. You are the rock of the family. If you waver, they all will!! That worked for about 5 hours. Seeing my husband’s pain was gut wrenching. Not having answers was tugging at my mind’s sleeve and life was in a bit of a tizzy. 

Several hours into our visit my husband was shipped off to a not private room, I was summarily shooed out of the area because there was another male present. The time was about 2 am. We don’t live right down the street from the hospital, it’s late, I’m alone. I was relegated to the lobby in a very uncomfortable chair with a plastic pillow that felt like a balloon that could pop any moment. In that circumstance, the tears began to fall, they were unremorseful in their cascading. I cried so much that it was hard to see. 

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King David cried out to God often

Weakness ruled in the emotional arena. But at that moment, a thought came to me. The shortest sentence in the Bible. “Jesus Wept.” John 11:35. Why did he weep? This question started a little deep dive into the meat of this scripture. Pope Leo the Great referred to this passage when he discussed the two natures of Jesus. “In his humanity Jesus wept for Lazarus, and in his divinity he raised him from the dead.” My mind began to think of all the times that King David Wept. In Psalm 6 he says that he cried so much that his bed is full of tears. In that crying God heard him and answered his prayers.


Jesus Wept, David cried out to God often. If they can cry, we can too. In that crying the cleansing comes, prayers are sent and an emotional cleansing takes place. I am reminded of the phrase: Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning. 


What caused Jesus to weep?

Jesus’ friend Lazarus was ill, so much so that his sister’s sent for Jesus to come and heal him. When Jesus had reached the intended destination, his friend had passed away. Those around the loved one wept for the loss. Jesus was moved by their emotion and wept with them. Even in his knowing that he would raise him from the dead, Jesus still wept with compassion for the deep loss felt by those around him. 

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To cry is not a sign of weakness, but rather our deep emotion for those that we love and cherish. 

As Pope Leo the Great continued his interpretation of Jesus’ weeping he added that Jesus had sorrow, sympathy and compassion for all mankind. He also felt rage against the tyranny of death over mankind. 


Tears can be a cleanser, they can come in anger, laughter, more often than not it is sadness or frustration. But after those tears there are times when there is blessed release that for the moment. As I sat in the cold lobby counting down the hours that I had to wait before seeing my husband I prayed and let the tears fall. Several hours later I was able to see my husband again. Eventually he had some surgery and he will be okay. And for that, I am thankful. Jesus Wept. Who knew such a small scripture could speak so thoroughly to the heart? Each scripture truly is a gift. Take some time, let the tears fall and then, make a trip to church for fellowship and prayer. 

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