Shapers, Makers, Builders, Breakers

Shapers, Makers, Builders, Breakers February 25, 2017

Passionfruit flowers - photo by Sonja Sadovsky
Passionfruit flowers – photo by Sonja Sadovsky

What is the defining characteristic that unites all Pagans, Occultists, Witches, and Other? The “big tent” of Paganism includes such diversity that it is hard to quantify a cohesive movement.  Clearly it is not our politics, as there are liberal, conservatives, and moderates mixed together.  It is not our spiritual or religious affiliation (or non-affiliation). While some magical approaches and techniques overlap, there are also many areas that remain private.  So what is the thing that brings us together? There are several answers that would fit here.  My thought today is that one common denominator is passion.  This concept is expressed through magick, ritual, art, prayer, and activism. Passion is the fire that warms our souls, fuels our movement, and carries it into the future.  Tonight’s transmission comes straight from Pluto, and is an extension of a dream I had of four distinct expressions of this volatile emotion.  The categories are Shapers, Makers, Builders, and Breakers.  These ideas are separate, but not mutually exclusive.  Passion can present itself on several levels at once.

In my dream, there was a discussion going on between Builders and Breakers.  Both were on the same team, attempting to accomplish the same goals.  However, their passion for the work at hand presented itself in seemingly discordant ways.  I had this dream months ago, but recent events have caused me to re-examine this vision.  This is typical for me, and my dreams often have messages that are not clarified or applicable until the time is right.  This is why I always recommend recording dreams to my friends and students.  You never know when you have already discovered the answer that you seek.


Shapers are the visionaries.  They are seekers, philosophers, and dreamers.  They perceive and create patterns.  The are innovators in the realm of ideas, and are attuned to the realm of absolutes.  Their passion is expressed as intellectual leaders and educators.  Shapers transmit the the unknown to their audience through words that resonate, and blossom in others’ minds. They are excited and fulfilled when sharing and discussing new thoughts.  They are happiest exploring new directions.


Makers are the creators.  They are artists, and artisans, performers, and musicians.  They implement patterns. They are inspired by thoughts and ideas. Their gift is to translate abstraction into beauty.  Makers express passion by the work of their hands, or voices, or breath.  They give rise to embodied expression, and bring the esoteric into concrete form.  These folks are happiest when sharing or performing for their audience, and are sustained through the manifestation of their ideas.


Builders are strategists.  They are organizers, and are interested in creating things larger than themselves.  They synthesize patterns.  Another term for Builder is Weaver.  They take philosophies and products, and incorporate them into movements.  Builders are the ones that create groups, covens, events, festivals, and collaborative projects.  Builders are diplomats, they shine when facilitating others to cooperate and move together, or at least in the same direction.  They are capable of delegating, but are happiest arms deep in projects with many moving parts.


Breakers are the dissidents.  They are outspoken, and controversial.  They disrupt the pattern.  Breakers are the ones that test the status quo, sometimes without intention.  Their questions and observations create chemical reactions, and weak or flawed patterns are dissolved so something new can form.  Breakers are necessary to test the validity of organizations and ideas, and interrupt our regularly scheduled programming.  They enjoy presenting counterpoints, looking at things from different angles, and asking interesting questions.  They are happiest when creating awareness, through their words, deeds, or activism.


Pluto teaches us that all things must come to an end, sometimes with a bang.  Yet the matter and energy that is dispersed through combustion is harnessed to create new cycles, and nothing is ever wasted.  To me, this idea of the four expressions of passion in Paganism and Occult currents is a good metaphor for this lesson.  Through great strife, new horizons are explored.  Each type of passion has it’s season, and a purpose.  It is up to us to recognize each facet as a gift, and to savor it.


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