What is Magic

What is Magic July 21, 2011

In Scientology we believe there are three parts to man: the body, the mind and you–the spirit

As presented on the Scientology website:

“In Scientology, the spiritual being is called the thetan. The thetan is immortal and has lived—and will continue to live—through countless lifetimes. As the thetan passes through each lifetime, he becomes more and more entangled with the material concerns and experiences of the physical world. Eventually, he loses sight of his true spiritual nature and ability and begins acting at a fraction of his natural spiritual ability.”

So what is magic, really?  I believe it is the thetan operating at a greater level of spiritual ability than is manifested generally in society today.

Is it real?

Haven’t you ever wondered that all ancient cultures contain within them “myths” of great feats by beings whose power so far exceeds that seen today that they are considered Gods or Godlike?

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