September – Self Improvement Month

September – Self Improvement Month September 13, 2011

September is apparently Self Improvement Month, which is fortunate as it gives us a two-month jump on New Years resolutions, during which we can hopefully gain the new skills we need use to carry them out.

Self Improvement can span any area of life—personal improvement; being a better athlete; a better dieter; a better student; improving one’s ability as a parent; as a partner, husband or wife; being a better provider; becoming a better child; teaching or mentoring more capably; being a kinder or more effective boss; becoming more valuable and better paid as an employee; taking on more responsibility as a citizen; becoming a better example to others; becoming more creative and skilled as an artist. It could even extend to influencing humanity to be a better species in its relationship with other life forms and being a better human being.

Scientology is an applied religious philosophy and contains technology anyone can learn to help him or her accomplish goals such as these.

So bring on those resolutions!

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