Some Thoughts for Those Occupying Wall Street

Some Thoughts for Those Occupying Wall Street November 3, 2011

I have been reading of idealistic young people clamoring for a communist solution to our current economic woes.

So, for those occupying Wall Street and other financial hubs, who may not have lived through the war between Capitalism and Communism (this lifetime), I have some words of wisdom.

These words are those of L. Ron Hubbard, Founder of the Scientology Religion, from a congress held for Scientologists in October of 1953, three months after the Korean War—the first test of might between post-World-War-II communist and capitalist states—was officially ended.

“There are two parasitic groups in the world today which are at war with each other and which are causing more commotion—everybody is so flabbergasted, they don’t quite know what’s happening.  And one of them is communism, the other is capitalism.

“‘Communism’ is a military aristocracy which depends upon the worker, and ‘capitalism’ is a money aristocracy which depends upon the worker and the guy who is going along is the manager. The manager, the worker and the people who service the managers and workers—that’s the society.  Those three groups.

“Everything just goes along fine.  There’s the manager—the entrepreneur, the fellow who manages things, the foreman.  And then there’s the fellow who’s really got his hands on the tools and who’s building things.  And then there’s that vast class of tradesmen and wives and motion-picture-show operators and all these other people that service the worker.  He won’t get anyplace servicing managers, there aren’t enough of them.

“So you have these three operating groups and they’re just going along splendidly until a military aristocracy comes in and says at the point of a pistol, ‘We are now going to sit down and you’re going to feed us, on account of we can shoot and it’s in the law that we can shoot and you can’t.’

“And the other one is the fellow who says, ‘I control all the buying power of the entire community, therefore you are all slaves.

“Those are two political groups today that aren’t letting us do well on the world at large.  Our income taxes today are directly attributable [to] these two parasitic forces, capitalism and communism.”

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