A Quiet, Wonderful Birth – Silent Birth Story

A Quiet, Wonderful Birth – Silent Birth Story March 21, 2012

When people hear I’m a Scientologist they often ask me about Silent Birth.  Today I found this blog posting on the Scientology Parent blog that I thought illustrated what goes on very well.

This fantastic story was submitted by my Aussie friend Sonya, a fellow Scientologist who just had her first child.


Okay so here is my story.

I was past my due date by about one and half weeks. I was freaking out a bit as they wanted to induce the labor which I was not really interested in.  Got in touch with a couple of my Scientologist friends to find out what they did, etc. I tried the natural remedies for inducing your own labor, specifically taking a long walk.  That night I went into labor!

It started around 9pm at night. The cramps were intense but I could bear them. They were like having bad period cramps. They came at first around every half hour and worked their way down to about every 7 minutes. I went to the hospital which was private and had my own room. I stayed in a bathtub most of the time during the first cramping as for me it helped. My husband was with me the whole time. At about 1:20am my water broke and then the cramping was INTENSE. I had my mother and husband there. We had told the midwife and nurses that there was to be no talking while I was having a contraction. Thankfully, they did exactly what I asked!

I had to start pushing at about 2:20am. This is when the doctor showed up. The pushing actually counter-acted the cramps which was really nice. My poor mum and husband’s hands were being crushed during my contractions but it was a good way to divert the pain!

The pushing was a lot of work but the staff there were quiet during it, as asked. Mum was there to ensure they respected my wishes, and briefed them just before I went in as a reminder. Mid one of the pushes I was told that it could go on for hours! I thought to myself that this is not going to happen.

10 minutes later out came the baby.

Everyone was quiet and the room was dim. He was put into my arms, did not cry and everyone left except my husband to give me some time with him. I fed him and then we wrapped him up and took him to bed. He was not washed and was let to sleep for some hours. It was beautiful!

We did everything covered in the HAVING A HAPPY BABY course to ensure that the birth was as easy on the child mentally and physically to the child as possible, and I’ll say it worked! He is a very active, alert and happy baby!


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