Scientology TV Station

Scientology TV Station July 18, 2012

I found a Reuters piece on a planned Scientology TV station:

“The Church of Scientology, the religion whose followers include actors Tom Cruise and John Travolta, plans to start a religious broadcasting center to promote its teachings over TV, radio and the Internet.

“The center, located near the church’s West Coast headquarters in Hollywood, would occupy the nearly five-acre studio property the church bought last year from Los Angeles public TV station KCET for $42 million.”

I found this  interesting, particularly in light of the beautiful video products the Church of Scientology produces, such as this:

This next video is a tour through Golden Era Productions, where you hear the staff talk about their work.  I presume these are some of the very people who will be involved with the TV studio.

And this video I found exceptional as, in just a few minutes, you get a thorough concept of the social mission of the church.  I think it is exceptional the way it conveys it so succinctly.

Looking forward to the kind of work this TV station puts out.



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