How The Way to Happiness is Transforming Lives

How The Way to Happiness is Transforming Lives November 2, 2016

As seen on the Scientology Religion website, director of the Atlanta Community Education and Resource Center, Mr. Orlando Johnson provides services to those with hardcore problems of drugs and alcohol, crime and illiteracy. When he brought The Way to Happiness to his Center, he says he brought the formula for living, and he has seen its impact on his clients. He announced to the thousands gathered for the dedication and opening of the new Church of Scientology of Atlanta that “two and a half thousand individuals on the wrong side of life’s path have now graduated from our Way to Happiness classes.”

Video transcript:

It is my passion in life to inform others that their history does not determine their destiny. To inform them that it doesn’t rain all the time, it doesn’t storm all the time. And there’s a place where it’s all going to settle and out of it will come the sun. And I believe we all create blueprints for others to follow. I followed the wrong one. It was the one of crime and one of drugs. That’s why I’m passionate about sketching the rightblueprint for others so they can walk a better path in life. And considering all of that, then you can imagine my surprise when I discovered L. Ron Hubbard’s The Way to Happiness!

The communities that I serve are ravaged by drugs and illiteracy. They are ravaged by domestic violence and murder. And so in the face of that, the hardest question to hear from someone can be “Will I ever be happy?” Unless you can teach someone the basics—the basics of living, of being a human being, of being a spiritual being, then they can’t even begin to live. Because everything we do, even brushing our teeth in the morning, it’s a process, there’s a formula. And The Way to Happiness contains a formula for living.

It’s what I like to call the “Happiness Formula.” I brought this happiness formula to my Center. To be clear, we deal with drug addicts, we deal with felons and those wishing to start life anew. It’s a tough crowd. But after a person goes through The Way to Happiness class at our center, I see the message stays with them. I can remember one lady who came as an alcoholic—unhappy, depressed, low self-esteem. She would come by off and on for years. We started using The Way to Happiness, she didn’t skip a meeting. And we started to notice a shift. She began to drink less and less. Then all of a sudden she wasn’t drinking anymore. She secured a job. Since that time, she’s been working every day and has become the sole provider for her family.

In fact, since we began, over two and a half thousand individuals on the wrong side of life’s path have now graduated from our Way to Happiness classes.

What we are dedicating today is a greater purpose, an assignment to transform tomorrow for the better. And Atlanta is ripe for change. We all stand with a united vision. The foundation of our walk is the same. So let’s walk together on the way to true freedom. And let’s thank L. Ron Hubbard for his blueprint for living.

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