A Doctor’s Improv RX: Jive Aces ‘Bring me Sunshine’

A Doctor’s Improv RX: Jive Aces ‘Bring me Sunshine’ January 18, 2017

Just had to pass along this posting from The Improvised Life blog

Recently I took an ancient friend to visit her doctor. He’s famously late keeping appointments because he famously spends A LOT of time with each patient, whatever he feels is necessary to really hear and address their concerns, which, as we all know, is pretty unusual these days. His patients are happy to wait.

At the end of the visit, he unexpectedly wrote me a prescription. “Check this out”, he said.

“Can I blog it?”

“Sure”, he said, “spread it around.”

It is an instant mood lifter, just about whatever your predicament might be.

It made me think of what doctors, and others,  can do besides lab tests and drugs to help their patients heal…

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