In Honor of India’s National Youth Day

In Honor of India’s National Youth Day January 18, 2017

According to the Friends of Salaam Baalak Trust website, India has 440 million children. That’s more than the entire population of North America (USA, Mexico and Canada put together). Every fifth child in the world is Indian.  So what sort of life do these children have as they grow up?

  • 40 percent of those under 5 are malnourished
  • 50 percent do not attend school regularly
  • Child labor is estimated at 60 million
  • Two thirds of children are victims of physical abuse

The Church of Scientology offers humanitarian programs to help the youth of the country. Anyone may enroll online free of charge to learn one or all 19 Volunteer Ministers courses that cover a full array of skills needed to do well in life.

Any parent wishing to help secure the future of their children, any mentor, community leader, educator—anyone—may enroll on the free Volunteer Ministers courses online.

The Church of Scientology supports humanitarian programs and provides their educational materials on human rights, character education and drug prevention to anyone wishing to use them, all of them designed so youth can understand and benefit from the programs.

Here is a video on the Youth for Human Rights program in India:

And another video on the use of The Way to Happiness in the country can be viewed on the Scientology website.

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