Religious Scholar Studies on the Scientology Religion

Religious Scholar Studies on the Scientology Religion May 1, 2017

The mission of a news website at  is to promote religious tolerance of all faiths while also providing the truth about the Scientology religion.

Church of Scientology spiritual headquarters in Clearwater, Florida

One section of the site published copies of numerous religious studies by scholars of religion and sociology of religion, experts on the subject of religion itself.

The compelling and indisputable conclusion each reaches.published on this site, is that Scientology is a bonafide religion. As stated on the website:

The world’s foremost experts in the fields of comparative religion, history of religion, religious studies and sociology agree that Scientology is a world religion. Because of their interest in major and emerging world religions, distinguished scholars have published numerous studies, opinions and papers testing Scientology against a list of world-religion norms by which they judge any religion. Although these experts and scholars proceed from their unique cultural background and method of analysis, they have all independently concluded that Scientology possesses the requisite elements and characteristics of a bona fide religion.

Objective research on this subject has been conducted by more than one hundred experts, including the most preeminent and acclaimed scholars from interrelated disciplines.

Millions of Scientologists sincerely believe in and have adopted the tenets and practices of the religion. For every one of them, Scientology is their true religion and fulfills their deepest spiritual needs. This is the most important test of any religion. Nevertheless, if one relies on secondary sources, there is no genuine religious expert anywhere who does not recognize Scientology as a religion.

These papers may be downloaded or read online and cover the conclusions of a wide range of scholars from numerous countries, each studying Scientology from the perspective of their own experience and expertise and each arriving at their own conclusions. That these conclusions bear so much in common is testimony in itself to the incontrovertible fact that Scientology is a bonafide religion in every sense of the word.

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