Scientology: Science and Religion

Scientology: Science and Religion June 13, 2017

This blog by Scientologist Wil Seabrook gives his perspective of the Scientology religion as a meeting ground of science and the spiritual. It is published courtesy of STAND (Scientologists Taking Action Against Discrimination).

When I was a kid I asked a lot of questions. That wouldn’t surprise anyone who knows me now. I can be a little obsessive when I get interested in something. I want to know all about it and understand exactly how it works.

I distinctly remember being about 6 years old and looking around, asking myself, “So what’s this all about? Why are we here?”

As a child I was often told in response to my relentless questioning that either I was too young to understand or, when I asked the “big picture” questions, that there are some things simply beyond human comprehension. Not surprisingly, that answer did not sit well with me….

When I discovered Scientology in my mid 20s, I was at a crossroads. I was doing well professionally but my personal life was a struggle. I had been very busy telling myself that I was a great person, a great friend, boyfriend, son, employee, boss. But when I finally started looking at the “proof in the pudding,” so to speak, I was, simply put, not getting the job done.

Scientology offered something I had never experienced—very specific, workable answers to every question I could possibly ask. What’s the meaning of life? Check. How can I have a happy relationship? Check. How can I make sure my bank account isn’t always going negative? Check.

At first I couldn’t quite believe it. How could one source of information offer so many workable solutions? And so I kept asking questions. Everything I could think of. And I vacuumed up the answers like they were going out of style. And every time I successfully applied the solution I was given, that area of my life improved. So I kept doing it. And I haven’t stopped in 16 years.

These days I operate more successfully than ever before—a far cry from blindly stumbling my way through life as I did in my 20s. I have come to understand that every problem, no matter how seemingly complex or intractable, has a solution. There are no questions that we can ask that don’t have sane, workable answers. We as a culture are at a very exciting point where science and spirituality have met and can work together to uncover and clarify basic truths. For me, Scientology is that perfect mix of both perspectives. I am grateful every day that I’ve found it, and I keep coming up with an endless supply of burning questions—some profoundly existential, some refreshingly mundane—that I can ask and answer with and in Scientology. It is a profoundly satisfying journey that never ends.

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