Scientology Volunteer Ministers and World Civil Defense Day

Scientology Volunteer Ministers and World Civil Defense Day March 1, 2018

Scientology Volunteer Ministers provide effective help at disasters around the globe, from hurricanes in Florida to floods in Italy; from Los Angeles riots to bombings in Moscow; and from the Southeast Asian tsunami to bush fires in Australia. No matter the location, the crisis or its severity, Volunteer Ministers have brought their practical and spiritual aid to these disaster sites.

Volunteer Ministers response to the 2017 Mexico City earthquake

The Freedom Magazine special edition available online, has a feature on Scientology Volunteer Ministers disaster response. and describes the Church’s Volunteer Ministers program as “one of the largest independent disaster relief forces in the world—distinguished itself broadly in responding to natural disasters that included hurricanes, earthquakes, fires and floods, bringing relief to tens of thousands affected by those events. From protecting neighbors and businesses when Hurricane Irma hit Clearwater, Florida, to responding to devastating storms in Texas, the Caribbean and Puerto Rico, or providing aid during Mexico City’s earthquakes and fires in the western U.S., the VMs helped untold thousands recover from the impact of those events.”



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