Scientology Pastor Interviewed on Nashville’s Issues of Faith

Scientology Pastor Interviewed on Nashville’s Issues of Faith July 12, 2018

With so many people curious and asking the question “What is Scientology?” Rev. Brian Fesler, Pastor of the Nashville Church of Scientology, appeared on Channel 5 Nashville where Issues of Faith host Ben Hall asked him questions about the basic beliefs and practices of the religion.

Fesler spoke about Scientology religious services, Scientology Founder,  L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology spiritual counseling (auditing)—what it addresses and what it is like. He answered the question “is Scientology a religion?” and whether Scientologists believe in the immortality of the human spirit.

Asked to answer how Scientology compares with other religions, Rev. Fesler said, “In Scientology, it’s about looking for yourself and finding for yourself. We offer the materials that L. Ron Hubbard wrote that give you tools for life: how to communicate better, how to get along with people better. You study them, you are afforded an opportunity to try it in your own life, and you find out for yourself that this is something workable, you can get some results with it. I liked the practical nature of it, the put-it-to-use attitude.”

“It’s a religion that doesn’t require faith. It’s a religion where you study and you learn and you know.”

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