Mr. David Miscavige: A Man of Pride and Responsibility

Mr. David Miscavige: A Man of Pride and Responsibility December 10, 2020

Professional photographer Ray Kachatorian has worked with Mr. Miscavige on numerous events. What stands out to him about Mr. Miscavige is his pride and responsibility for everything he does. In this video, Kachatorian describes what he has observed about Mr. Miscavige over the years.

Behind the scenes with Mr. Miscavige

He is 100 percent, all the time, full throttle, there to make sure that Scientology is the way LRH intended it to be and making it accessible for the public to have and use. And he is the one that’s been behind all that.

I’ve been around him in public at events where people will approach him.  He’s always cordial. He always leaves time and gives time to everybody. And that to me is impressive, that you could be the leader of our Church and at the same time be an everyday guy.

He’s really passionate—he really cares

When he is doing an event, when he’s preparing for an event and he goes out on stage, he’s talking to a broad audience. But when he’s talking to that broad audience, the way he’s talking to them, he’ll talk to you the same exact way. It’s the same exact person. There’s no showmanship. He’s not embellishing anything. He’s really passionate. He really cares. And you get that when you’re speaking to him one-on-one, too.

I realized that he has the heart of a lion. He has a lot of pride and responsibility for everything that he does. And he does not mince words, he doesn’t waste time, he gets it done. And just like a lion. If you want to have a leader, you want a guy that’s there, standing behind you and is going to just go to bat for you. And he’s the guy that does that. And I don’t know anybody, I’ve never met anyone, who even comes close to that when you speak about leaders, let alone friends or people that I know. But if some of these world leaders had just an ounce of what he has, the world would be a much better place.




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