The 2024 Scientology Super Bowl Ad in the Top 10

The 2024 Scientology Super Bowl Ad in the Top 10 February 29, 2024

The 2024 Scientology Super Bowl ad is a winner. According to Variety, it was among the 10 most-watched spots on Super Bowl Sunday. It has since reached more than 13 million views on YouTube.

2024 Scientology Super Bowl Ad
2024 Scientology Super Bowl Ad

Scientology Super Bowl Ads Through the Years

Over the years, the Church of Scientology has made a name for itself. It offers  life-affirming yearly messages off hope, potential and freedom.

Last year’s ad asserted a message of rebirth. Dead forests came alive. A city rose from ruins. Colors arose from a debris-strewn sidewalk. And all at a single human touch.

That message was “Nothing is more powerful than you.”

The year before that, the message that “Deep down you know” was that you’re more than you think you are.

This year’s Scientology Message for the Super Bowl

The 2024 Scientology Super Bowl ad also has an uplifting message. But it is more personal.

It opens with a man facing the camera, looking curiously at something we can’t see. As light snow sprinkles on and about him, we get the idea that he is outside someplace looking in.

The scene broadens, and we see him looking through the glass entrance of a Church of Scientology. The voiceover says, “Every day, millions of people ask, ‘What is Scientology?’”

The voice continues, “Here’s an idea: What if you just take a look?” And next we see another man walking into what we now see is a Scientology church.

“What if you just see for yourself who we are, what we believe, and what we stand for?”

We see a person talking to a church staff member and another opening a book. As the commercial continues, we see images—each of them a split-second, but long enough to make an impression. And all positive.

“So what is Scientology? Maybe it’s time to look” it continues. “And decide for yourself.”

As the music and the images fade out, the screen shows a single word—“Curious?”—and then the church’s website,

While “Star power fueled other top-ranked Super Bowl ads,” Variety reports, the Scientology ad consistently presents uplifting messages. These are messages that have set it apart.  And now, this year, viewers are reminded “Hey, the door is open. Take a look.” Doubtless, many will.

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