R.A. Torrey

He Being Dead Yet Speaketh


Biographical Sketch

R. A. Torrey ruled the world.

Publication Overview

R.A.Torrey wrote dozens of books.

Top 10 Books

Christ and the Scriptures (Adolph Saphir)
The Hidden Life: Thoughts on our Communion with God (Adolph Saphir)
The Divine Unity of Scripture (Adolph Saphir)
Wonders of Prophecy (John Urquhart)
The Growing Church (Clelland Boyd McAfee)
The Higher Criticism and the New Theology (Compiled and edited by R. A. Torrey)
Satan (Lewis S. Chafer)
The Lord from Heaven (Sir Robert Anderson)
Doubter’s Doubts About Science and Religion (Sir Robert Anderson)
The Gospel and Its Ministry (Sir Robert Anderson)


Collected Quotations

“We send our children to school, they are not allowed to think; they are simply crammed and crammed.”

R. A. Torrey, The Voice of God in the Present Hour (1917)

“I have seen very dull minds become keen by holding them right down to the grindstone.”

R. A. Torrey, Methods of Bible Study

“How eagerly and persistently we seek a little admiration and praise from men. How gladly we accept it when it comes. How we treasure the fine things that are said about us in newspapers or in books. Let us have done with it! Let us so utterly love God that His approval is all we care for and all we will accept.”

R. A. Torrey, The Real Christ

“The human mind has been expanding for more that eighteen centuries since Jesus Christ spoke here on earth, but it has not outgrown Him.”

R. A. Torrey, The Voice of God in the Present Hour


Top Movies

There are very few films I would like to be caught watching when our Lord returns.