Be Where You Are, Be Who You Are, Be at Peace

Be Where You Are, Be Who You Are, Be at Peace February 25, 2021

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Truth is a persistent thing.  It’s found in many different places, spoke by many different voices; and although it seems elusive, it appears to pursue us consistently (especially if we are ready for it).

These simple thoughts keep re-occurring to me so I have made them my motto of sorts.  I’m sure they have been discovered by others at other times: but, for me, they are exactly what I seem to need for this season.

I share them with you in hopes they may help you.

Be where you are

Sometimes people that help us live better lives encourage us to look ahead and set goals.  I’m positive that is helpful for us to imagine where we are going.  It helps us start behaving differently toward a better end.  It is also helpful sometimes to look backward and find resolution from past trauma.  Shadow work and focusing are part of my passions to help myself and other get unstuck.

But, we can’t live in either of those places (past or future) very long.  Doing so, can cause us to miss the only place we can effectively live (the present).  Being where we are brings peace and joy and fulfillment because we are able to live fully, no matter the situation.  Sometimes it’s painful, sometimes it’s joyful and sometimes it’s confusing.  But, being present is possibly the greatest practice available to us – we have to be here.

Be who you are


I suppose that there are very few quests as important to discovering who we are.  It sounds simple, but it’s not.  It won’t come from trying to gain approval of others.  All we discover when we get approval is what other people like — who other people are.

We have to first be who we are, then our tribe will come to us.  And by the way, maybe it’s a small tribe.

I suggest to you that the majority of people that are popular probably are not authentic.  It’s possible to be both, but we have to start by being authentic first and accepting popularity if it’s necessary.

Be at peace

I spent a lot of time in organized religion talking about peace and never really experiencing it.  But when I went inside myself and determined to be where I am and who I am, peace was an automatic result.  It was where I found joy–it was where I found justice–it was where I found love.

I encourage you to investigate these ideas — sit with them — wrestle with them — try them on.

Be where you are, be who you are, be at peace,

Karl Forehand

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