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This Is It July 17, 2022

Photo by Ryutaro Tsukata: personality is easily frustrated. I imagine things could be better than what they are. I hope for people to treat me better, and when they don’t, I often become disappointed and/or angry. I long to accomplish things, and even before I finish one project, I’m thinking about the next. I’ve written about seven books in the last 5 years, two of them are not even published yet.

I think I had somewhat of a breakthrough yesterday. When I was talking to Laura, my wife, he made mention of the fact that most things in life are rather ordinary. We have exciting times and big projects, but most of life is pretty normal and not that exciting. Then I was meditating, and asked, “What do I need to know?” The answer I heard from Spirit is “this is it. ”

I immediately understood it, even though it might be difficult to explain. This morning, I’m driving to pick Laura up. I’m not picking her up so we can get on to the next thing that is exciting. What can be exciting is to realize “This is it!”

Since it’s July, I watch people every day scurrying off to take vacations. I remember that most of our vacations we took were exercises in futility. They were more frustrating than enjoying. Don’t get me wrong, we should have adventures and enjoy it but I can also enjoy setting up my porch and communing with nature, and not miss it by dreaming about going somewhere else. I’m telling myself this morning, take a breath and realize “This is it!”

Maybe no one else struggles with these things, but even though I’ve written about presence, so when I tell other people to “be where you are, ” This is what I’m trying to tell them, “This is it!”

Our current book is going through all the things that happen after you do the final layout. In about a month, it will be available for sale. Yesterday I was creating some ads, and just for a moment, I was able to just be present and enjoy the process of creating, without being anxious for being able to share them.

I’m becoming convinced that it’s not going to be when I make more money, or when I accomplish a certain thing, or when enough people like me, or when and if people treat me bad. That’s not where I will find satisfaction, especially if I’m immediately moving on to the next big thing. But it will be every single time that I’m able to say,” This is it!”

Some people call this acceptance. To some of us acceptance seems like a cop out, like we’re settling for something instead of shooting for higher goals. But it’s not! Acceptance is realizing this is where I am, this is what is happening, and this is what is.

Recovering from my stroke has challenged acceptance greatly. Because I’m striving to recover and improve, I have to have a real fighting attitude. But I also never would have survived recovering, if I didn’t learn how to accept each day for what it is. There’s lots of waiting, there’s lots of disappointment and struggle, there’s lots of pain, and the paperwork alone will drive you crazy.

But most days, the best move is to accept what is and say to myself “This is it”

For about three decades, I felt like I needed to be in church. Today is also Sunday morning. As a pastor, I wasn’t just chasing emotional experiences, I was trying to create them. This morning, on my front porch, when I was asking the question. ” What do I need to know?” I heard the answer ” This is it.”. It was as much about spiritual and religious things as anything.

I’ve started categorizing what I used to call worship as communion. Communion with God and communion with other people is as much about being present and now I know, saying to myself” This is it ”

I started learning about presence and authenticity in a tea shop a few years ago. It’s amazing to me how I’m still learning about those two simple words. Being where I am and being who I am is so central to my life. I’m not saying that I’m great at it yet, but I’m going to keep trying.

This is it! This is where I am. This is who I am. This is what I’m doing right now. This may have challenges and blessings and struggles and emotions. There will be opportunities ahead, but there are also possibilities in the now.

I don’t want to miss any more of the now’s because I’m looking at what is next.

“This is it!”

Be where you are,
Be who you are.

Karl forehand

Karl Forehand is a former pastor, podcaster, and award-winning author. His books include Apparent Faith: What Fatherhood Taught Me About the Father’s Heart and The Tea Shop. He is the creator of The Desert Sanctuary podcast. He is married to his wife Laura of 32 years and has one dog named Winston. His three children are grown and are beginning to multiply!

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