The Great Deconstruction

The Great Deconstruction December 21, 2022

The “Great Deconstruction” is underway. Proud to be connected with Quoir where many of the best voices are emerging. Deconstructing isn’t just a good idea. It might even be necessary for an authentic journey.

Eric English is one of the voices to listen to! UNenlightenment is a theological and philosophical guide to help you deconstruct your faith journey and lead you through reconstructing a belief system that is completely yours. ​             Out Into the Desert is an honest survey of Western Christianity, along with Karl and Laura’s personal story as they journeyed through 20-plus years of ministry. Let the Forehands be your guide on this journey.             The Hotel is based on a real hotel here in my hometown. It is history with a mystery and would be a fun ride for anyone during the holidays to step back into the 1920s and 30s, along with the individual journeys of each character           Be where you are, be who you are, #KarlAndLaura

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