Crossing the Threshhold

Crossing the Threshhold March 12, 2023

Photo by Dương Nhân: pexels

In the hero’s journey, one of the necessary steps is “crossing the threshold.” It is where the hero fully commits to the journey and steps away from normal life to see what they’ve never seen before.

Religious systems confine us. Most of our effort goes to maintaining those systems. It’s very hard to discover a better way that helps us evolve while we are static and defending where we are now.

When I started my first career, I didn’t know much about the world. I heard stories, but until I stepped out from a town of 1000 to the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex, I didn’t have a fair grasp on what the world was really like.

I still remember standing next to the office building in North Dallas and feeling very small. But, like an ant in a new dirt pile, I also realized the bigness of the world that provided as many things to pursue as there were things that scared me.

Over the years, I found things I could do and I learned about things that made my life better. But eventually, I found myself inside organized religion with a certainty about life and my beliefs. I was no longer crossing thresholds and going on adventures. I was defending my positions.

We hope that our book, Out into the Desert, will help you cross the threshold and go on your own heroes journey and find your own path. If it leads you back to your religion, then so be it. But if it leads you to a better place, then you can rest in the assurance that you faced your fears and found out for yourself. You can be the hero of your story!

What many are discovering is that this journey begins when we go inside, learn who we are, and begin to trust ourselves. People try to label this journey with scary names to keep us bound to our certainty and their objectives for us. They will tell you not to trust yourself and to trust the organization or the system or the book.

We believe you have a story to tell, a song to be sung, and a journey that is all your own. We hope you all find the courage to step across the threshold and begin to understand your purpose and gifts and your unique imprint on humanity.

There are no shortcuts or well-worn paths, just one courageous step after another. We believe you can make it and we hope to see you on your journey.

Be where you are,
Be who you are,
Be at peace.

Karl and Laura Forehand

Photo by Dương Nhân:

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