Trust Yourself

Trust Yourself March 20, 2023

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More and more, I believe the best question I could ask someone that is deconstructing is, “Are you learning to trust yourself?”

The people that seem to be evolving and thriving out here in the desert for the people that have made a concerted effort to go inside, and now are learning to trust themselves.

One of the most unproductive things, is to argue and debate over interpretations of scripture. Scripture. Ancient man-made documents serve some purpose, but we need to take them off the altar and quit acting like religion or scriptures or denominations or the right theology will save us.

On the other side of the binary equation, we don’t need to be anti-theists either because it’s the same behavior on the other side.

Authenticity tells us we should move away from evangelical and progressive ways of thinking. One may have a nicer god, but it’s the same activity and it’s just a nicer version of the same thing.

To trust ourselves, we have to wean ourselves off of the group think in all religions and with all theologies that tell us to trust the group, trust the system or trust a leader or a book.

Going inside, where Jesus said the kingdom of heaven is, we can face the darkness there and find true healing and also our inner knowing that leads us forward.

At some point in history, a human being designed the system that you are faithful to. I know they claimed it was from God, every single one that develops a religious system believes that it right and God is on their side. The trouble is we can’t even accurately describe God, much less know exactly what it thinks. If so many had actually discovered the words of God, wouldn’t it all mesh together and be a universal system that we all could agree on.

Truth has always been as close as inside us. We resonate with the words of great teachers when they are true, because that knowing is already inside us.

Trust yourself!

Be where you are, be who you are,
Be at peace.

Karl Forehand


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