The Diner

The Diner April 18, 2023
I would like to announce the release of my second novel, The Diner.  I started with the opening scene of a single mother trapped in a Diner by her circumstances and the story revealed itself from there, Jenny, eventually becomes the hero of her story, finds healing from her trauma, and inspires others.
Trigger Warning: this book is 18+ – it contains adult language and situations and some LGBTQ content. None of it is graphic and it contributes to the narrative. The characters also deal with past trauma and real life situations. The question for the reader is not “Do I agree with their choices?” The real question to ponder is “What would I do in that situation?”
Description is on back of the book:

K A R L F O R E H A N D (1).jpg

Feel free to share with others.  May 9th is the official release date, but order when you can.

Diner 1.png

Thanks for your support, Karl

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