Leaning Forward

Leaning Forward July 7, 2023

Laura and I have finished our second book together! Pre-order the Kindle or order the paperback. The official release date is August 15th. It continues where Out into the Desert left off. It highlights the following:

  • How we benefit from remaining in a curious posture. Are we really evolving or just defending our current position,
  • Wisdom from our interviews on The Desert Sanctuary. What were the common themes of the more than 270 episodes?
  • A deeper dive into evolving our beliefs. What could we discover by altering the lens that we use to view God?
  • What we’ve learned about healing inside. More about how going inside and trusting ourselves can lead to transformation!
  • A summary of thriving outside religion.
  • Free PDF workbook if you purchase the book or Kindle.

Preorder an autographed copy by July 20th and receive a free study guide PDF. Venmo the money and be sure to provide your email and address for shipment on July 20th.

Summary of Leaning Forward: Many of us have been looking for clues that something new is available to discover. We surrendered the need to defend our certainty and opened our minds to new possibilities and understandings that we would not have previously considered. We are learning to trust our intuition and the clues the universe gives us. We are rediscovering our connection with nature, finding truth, wisdom, and intrigue under every rock.

At first, many of us were afraid of this type of journey. It’s a natural response to the unfamiliar and we fear losing what we already believe to be true. But, if something is valid, it won’t evaporate because we discover something new that is also true, valid, and interesting. If what we consider truth or wisdom doesn’t survive while we explore, then maybe it wasn’t true in the first place. And, we may not need the old religion and practices anymore. They were man-made anyway! Leaning Forward is an attitude—it is a posture—and, it is the starting place for all adventures and discoveries!

May you find what you didn’t even know you were looking for!

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Be where you are, Be who you are, Be at peace.

Karl and Laura https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0C9SFXDW7/

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