Guest Post – Saundra Whitley – I am the Dot

Guest Post – Saundra Whitley – I am the Dot September 4, 2023
My husband and I have had a cold for a few days now, and we have been taking care of each other with meds, fluids, lots of rest, and sleeping in a bit.
When I got up this morning, I checked Facebook and read a few posts by some of my favorite writers/friends (Jim Palmer Barbara Symons, Paul Anthony,  Wallis, Karl Forehand, Joe Machuta, Doug Wentz ). Then I listened to the Sunday Live that Aaron Tomlinson does on Facebook and YouTube.
As I listened to the things Aaron spoke about, I wondered how often I have marveled at how the Universe has helped me connect so many dots. So many questions, so many possible answers.
I also thought about how I went from a childhood of being raised as a Catholic at times, to being sent to a hodgepodge of religions and denominations (whichever church bus came first), to choosing to somewhat embrace Pentecostal/Assembly of God/Non-denominational dogmas during my adulthood, to finally deconstructing all of it in my 50’s.
I thought about the way so many of us look to others for answers to our questions, and even beliefs. I considered the connect-the-dot books I have in a drawer for my grandchildren. These pages have very simple and numbered pictures that teach kids to connect dots to reveal a complete picture.
I enjoy following the people I mentioned above, as well as many others. I spend hours reading books, watching videos on YouTube, and talking with people about our beliefs, thoughts, and ways we can best serve humanity with our energy.
I had a decisive moment when I realized I no longer see myself looking to the Universe to connect the dots for me. I Am the dot and everything that is for me will connect to me. It’s a beautiful and powerful feeling when you know how
Free you really have become. �
Be the dot.

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