A Book Banning Gone Good

A Book Banning Gone Good June 6, 2024

A Book Banning Gone Good

I must say, I’m almost glad a group of over-zealous religious people are trying to ban this book in St. Joseph, MO because it made me want to buy it and read it!

So many times in recent years, my friends who are black and/or marginalized have tried to communicate what they go through. I have tried to listen, not always that effectively.

Toni Morrison, winner of the Nobel prize, is touching my soul with this book! It’s not overt, but subtle. It’s simple, yet powerful. I had to stop reading it at the airport because of the powerful descriptions of what it’s like to be poor, powerless, and punished for being human that I felt somewhere deep inside me.

I want to help, I want to be the hero, but I’m learning to read–to listen–and hopefully understand deeply what my fellow human beings have experienced and are carrying with them as trauma.

The book banners can’t even begin to understand this.

Words are sometimes powerful because they are elegant and simple and true. I hope I can become a writer that helps people to cry, reflect and heal like Toni Morrison did for me this week.

If I can stop crying, I’ll go finish this wonderful piece of literature!

Be where you are, be who you are,

Karl Forehand

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