You Offer a Here-and-Now Kingdom of Heaven

You Offer a Here-and-Now Kingdom of Heaven September 30, 2022

The Good News for the Day, October 1, 2022
Saturday of the 26th Week of Ordinary Time (460)

The Gospel

The seventy-two followers Jesus sent out returned feeling great about their journeys. They told Jesus, “Sir, even the most powerful demonic powers are subject to us because of our family connection with you.”

Jesus said, “I have been watching that Challenger, Satan, falling fast as lightning out of heaven. Look, I have been giving you the ability ‘to walk all over snakes’ and scorpions. You have power as well over the full force of what is hostile—nothing will hurt you.

Yet, don’t feel good now because invisible powers do what you want! Feel glad that your names are included in the Realm of What is Right.”

That was the time He expressed how glad He was. In the Holy Spirit; He prayed out loud, “I give you thanks, Father, Master of heaven and earth. Although you might keep these things hidden from smart and educated people, you have revealed them to childlike persons.

Yes, Father, that has been what you have so generously wanted.

Everything has been handed over to me by my Father.

No one realizes who or what the Child is except the Father. And no one realizes who the Father is except the Child – and anyone to whom the Child wishes to reveal him.”

Privately, then, he confided to His students “How well off are eyes that see what you see. I am telling you, many an ancient prophet and ruler wanted to see what you get to see. They did not see it – to hear what you get to hear, but did not.” (Luke 10)

Reflections of the Word of Jesus

Today, once again, during a conversation on spirituality, someone mentioned casually that he had discovered that the “kingdom of heaven is here and now.” That is a direct quote.

You are one of those sent by God into the world to change it – not politically, financially, socially, or psychologically – but spiritually. Like the 72, you have been sent to free people from their selfishness, unreflective evil and baseless principles. You do not curtail creativity, courage, and caring for one another – nor try to get laws made, nor control others. Your task is to recognize the love, and to help others free themselves.

Followers of Jesus recognize and acknowledge real love. We do not judge others about their lust or apathy. We, too, want to see the Challenger of the Kingdom – Satan – being removed from people. Satan departs quickly as people enter the kingdom by the love you and I bring into their lives.

As sacred, saintly people (acknowledging our sinfulness), we live differently because we truly care. We find frustration, opposition, depression in ourselves – sometimes overwhelmed by too much caring. Our faith, nonetheless, can grow with such challenges..

The Important Point

We are, you and I, beloved children of God – and that makes all the difference. Ever so slowly, followers of Jesus grow to appreciate the love God has for all of creation, for all humans, animals and plants. That realization Jesus shares with us. The Creator has revealed His great love to you. Why? Because you have opened yourself to understand yourself as a child of God. The Creator has been talking to you as a child in the family.

You get to see and hear change in people around you as you channel the grace of loving into lives. As you share the Good News of repentance, you offer them the kingdom of God here and now. That offering is the base message of those 72 sent persons – as well as your message.

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