On Finding Home in Ordinary Time (a podcast)

On Finding Home in Ordinary Time (a podcast) August 7, 2018

(embroidery pattern created by Wild Olive) 

Today I am sharing a conversation I recently had my my friend Casey Tygrett. On this podcast we chat about being at home in our ordinary lives, and my love for the Liturgical year, and the other usual podcast stuff.

Casey and I met at one of The Practice Retreats and immediately hit it off, I am so happy that he actually got organized enough to put a podcast together and invited me on. Maybe one day I can return the favor…

You Can Listen Here

Casey Tygrett (DMin, Lincoln Christian Seminary) is a pastor, blogger, adjunct seminary professor, and spiritual director and is the Theologian in Residence at Parkview Christian Church in Orland Park, Illinois. He is the author of The Jesus Rhythm, and has written for The Christian Standard, TheOoze.com, and the Apprentice Institute blog.

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