March For The Martyrs September 5th In Long Beach

March For The Martyrs September 5th In Long Beach September 1, 2020

Sometimes we think that persecution of Christians is something that only happened at the beginning of the church. The fact is that the period in which we now live has the most Christian persecution in history. Many Christians march to martyrdom today, and it is more than you may think.

Christian persecution has increased 20% in just the last two years. Worldwide 260 million Christians face persecution for their faith. 260 million! Yet this huge number of people are widely ignored by popular media outlets.
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March For The Martyrs

On September 5th, 2020 a March for the Martyrs will be taking place in Long Beach, California. The purpose is is to draw attention for this ignored crisis and to show our brothers and sisters that we stand in solidarity with them.

Event Schedule

3:30 PM – Kickoff Rally in Marina Green Park Get ready to march with us as we gather and listen to great speakers at the Marina Green Park in Long Beach, CA. 4:30 PM – March for the Martyrs Stand with the persecuted Christians and march in remembrance of those who have been martyred for the faith with March for the Martyrs. Our mission is to send a message of hope and a strong statement that Christian Persecution will not be ignored, suffering Christians are not forgotten, and Jesus Christ still has the victory. March begins at the Marina Green Park and we will process through downtown Long Beach, across the bridge over the Los Angeles River, and end at The Reef on the Water. 5:30 – 7:30 PM – Night of Prayer for the Persecuted at The Reef on the Water Kickoff Rally in Marina Green Park Addresses: The Marina Green Park 384 E Shoreline Dr Long Beach, CA 90802 The Reef on the Water 880 Harbor Scenic Drive Long Beach, CA 90802

About The Organization And Founder

About For the Martyrs:  For the Martyrs is a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization that seeks to bring awareness to the crisis of Christian persecution and advocate for religious freedom. To donate or learn more please visit About Gia Chacon: Founder of For the Martyrs, Gia Chacon is a humanitarian, speaker and Pro-Life Director of Bienvenido US. She first began her volunteer humanitarian efforts in 2017 and has traveled to Central America, East Africa, and as far as the Middle East. She has worked with the victims of hurricanes, natural disasters, hunger crisis, and refugees of war and persecution. Through working with refugees and hearing their stories, her first-hand experience in the Middle-East, as well as her extensive research of religious oppression, Gia felt called to make a larger impact for the suffering members of The Body of Christ, which led to the founding of For the Martyrs. In addition to her Pro-Life and Religious Freedom advocacy, and speaking at events, Gia has published and has been featured in news articles, on television and radio shows. Daily, she impacts culture through the media as @GenuinelyGia.
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Remember to keep our persecuted brethren in prayer.  There is much going on ion the word, but persecution is something that is only getting stronger.

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