Glimmers Of Grace: A Review

Glimmers Of Grace: A Review September 14, 2020

One of the things that I enjoy doing is reviewing books for other writers. It is my act of solidarity with them and an appreciation for the extreme effort they put into their work. A few weeks ago I was offered the chance to review a new book. The book is titled Glimmers of Grace: Moments of Peace and Healing Following Sexual Abuse. The author, Faith Hakesley, put together this fantastic devotional from a very personal perspective. As a victim of clerical abuse, she shares her story of healing, perseverance and hope.

Glimmers of Grace: For The Survivor

On page 13 of the book Faith lays out four things that she wants readers to take away. First and foremost that, whether a victim or a loved one, you are not alone in the fight. Secondly that you find freedom and recognize the gifts that he Lord is offering you. Thirdly to assist in finding your own voice and validating your experiences. Lastly to encourage and seek help.

Glimmers Of Grace Published By Our Sunday Visitor

The Reflection

The book itself is 171 pages long and packed full of powerful reflections. Faith shares her own experiences and one can’t help but to be drawn in. In reading the reflections I found myself to be challenged in my faith in a way previously not known.

This isn’t a bad thing, but s blessing. Each chapter begins with a scripture passage or a relevant quotation from a saint. Faith then elaborates on the quote with a relevant topic, and she does so with the wisdom of one who has lived several lifetimes.

Would I Recommend It?

This is a devotional I would certainly recommend. The author is forthright about her experiences, and one can see the light of grace working in the healing. The grace of Christ comes out brilliantly in the writing.

Each reflection is something that can easily be read in just a few minutes per day, but I was so enthralled that I read it in one sitting. It is very rare that a devotional has that effect. The end of each devotion has a prayer, a call to action, a step to deepen your faith, and questions for reflection.

Though you may not have had an experience like the author, you will still be challenged to examine your own experiences. This will challenge you to let go of hatred, develop compassion for others, and embrace the grace of Christ.

Where You Can Get Glimmers Of Grace


The book is published by Our Sunday Visitor and can be purchased here or anywhere books are sold.

Here is an interview with the author, Faith Hakesley, on CatholicTV.

About The Author

Faith Hakesley is a wife, homeschooling mother of three, and blogger. In 2008, she was one of five victims of clerical abuse to meet privately with Pope Benedict XVI during his trip to Washington, D.C. She is passionate about sharing her personal story of healing in order to offer hope, healing, and peace to those who are suffering. Visit her website for more information.

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