First Day Of School In The 4th Quarter

First Day Of School In The 4th Quarter March 22, 2021

Today was a big day in my house.  My four children finally went back to school today.  It was the first day of school though it is the 4th quarter of the school year.  They have been doing virtual learning so far this year.  Though it has worked fairly well there were many drawbacks.

First Day Jitters

Last year my kids went on Spring break and never returned to their schools.  This is the situation for many kids during this crazy COVID year.  My kids were nervous about their first day back.  They were not nervous about COVID, but they were nervous because they hadn’t been on campus in about 54 weeks.

A couple of my kids have had a few different teachers due to virtual learning, and there was some nervousness about another new teacher.  Most of all they were worried that their friends may not remember them.

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Normal But Not Normal

Many of these first day jitters were familiar.  They had experienced them in school years gone by.  However there are some things, like the wearing of masks, that they are not looking forward to.  Overall they missed their friends and the consensus among the four is that they “hate computer school”.

Over the past several months I did my best to keep a sense of normalcy while they were doing online learning.  I did more long division than I ever thought I would do as an adult.

In Arizona the schools have done a great job in mitigating risks involved with COVID.  My kids needed to be kids again, see their friends, and go to school.  Each family has to make their own decision and one should not be looked down on for choosing to do one or another.  There re different risks that different families face.  For my family, for my children, it was time.

First Day and Disagreement

Some will disagree with our decision and that is their right.  Many other families all across the country are also making this decision.

This was not a political choice as some seem to make it out to be on social media.  My wife and I had the option to send them back in November and we opted out.  This time around we opted in after looking carefully at the data available.

Each family has to do what is best for them.  Lets respect their decision and not speak down on it.

Saint Quotes

Little children follow and obey their father. They love their mother. They know nothing of covetousness, ill-will, bad temper, arrogance and lying. This state of mind opens the road to heaven. To imitate our Lord’s own humility, we must return to the simplicity of God’s little ones.-St. Hilary of Poiters

Fly from bad companions as from the bite of a poisonous snake. If you keep good companions, I can assure you that you will one day rejoice with the blessed in Heaven; whereas if you keep with those who are bad, you will become bad yourself, and you will be in danger of losing your soul.-St. John Bosco



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