The Dead Sea Scrolls And Early Christianity

The Dead Sea Scrolls And Early Christianity October 24, 2021

Dr. John Bergsma recently joined me to discuss the dead sea scrolls and their influence on Early Christianity. What did the Qumran community the Messiah? Who was the Teacher of Righteousness? What was the significance of ritual bathing? What was so important about the way they prepared for meals and the position of the presider? He answers all this and much more.

dead sea scrolls
One of the Dead Sea Scrolls

Dr. Bergsma And The Dead Sea Scrolls

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About Dr. John Bergsma

Dr. John Bergsma is Professor of Theology at the Franciscan University of Steubenville. A former Protestant pastor, Dr. Bergsma entered the Catholic Church in 2001 while getting his Ph.D. in Bible from the University of Notre Dame. A close collaborator of Dr. Scott Hahn, Bergsma speaks regularly on Catholic radio and at conferences and parishes nationally and internationally.

Dr. John Bergsma

He has authored seven books on Scripture and the Catholic faith, including Bible Basics for Catholics (Ave Maria Press), Stunned by Scripture: How the Bible Made Me Catholic (Our Sunday Visitor), and A Catholic Introduction to the Bible: Old Testament (with Brant Pitre; Ignatius Press). Dr. Bergsma’s talks and studies are available on CD and mp3 from He and his wife Dawn reside with their eight children in Steubenville, Ohio.

Interview About The Dead Sea Scrolls

Quotes From The Dead Sea Scrolls

The interview with Dr. Bergsma shows the influence that these documents had on the early days of the faith.  Below are some quotes from the documents themselves that Dr. Bergsma elaborates on in his book.

Now, we have written to you some of the works of the Law, those
which we determined would be beneficial for you and your
people, because we have seen that you possess insight and
knowledge of the Law. Understand all these things and beseech
Him to set your counsel straight and so keep you away from evil
thoughts and the counsel of Belial. Then you shall rejoice at the
end time when you find the essence of our words to be true. And
it will be reckoned to you as righteousness, in that you have done
what is right and good before Him, to your own benefit and to
that of Israel.-4QMMT

The men shall sit before the priest by rank, and in that
manner their opinions will be sought on any matter. When the table has been set for
eating or the new wine readied for drinking, it is the priest who shall stretch out his

hand first, blessing the first portion of the bread or the new wine.-1QS

By His truth God shall then purify all human deeds, and refine some of
humanity so as to extinguish every perverse spirit from the inward parts 21 of the flesh,
cleansing from every wicked deed by a holy spirit. Like purifying waters, He shall
sprinkle each with a spirit of truth, effectual against all the abominations of lying and
sullying by an 22 unclean spirit.-1QS



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