Using Fiction To Share The Faith: An Interview with Thomas Salerno

Using Fiction To Share The Faith: An Interview with Thomas Salerno December 4, 2021

Author Thomas Salerno recently joined me to discuss his work as an author of catholic fiction. We discuss how he began writing, how fiction can share the faith, and how he has grown in his faith through writing. He is a talented and inspirational writer that you should follow.  Check out his website at

Fiction and Faith

Thomas Salerno is a prolific writer and writes for many websites that you may be familiar with.  Some of those websites include Bishop Robert Barron’s Word on Fire, Aleteia, Busted Halo, Voyage Comics, and Theophany Media.

About Thomas Salerno ( From His Website)

My name is Thomas Salerno and I am a freelance writer. In my nonfiction work, I enjoy exploring the intersection between Christianity and nerd/geek culture. I’m also a short story writer and aspiring novelist working in the genres of science fiction and fantasy. In addition, I enjoy writing articles that help communicate science (particularly the fields of paleontology and anthropology) to the general public.

Thomas J Salerno reading a comic book next to a book shelf

I hold a BA in Anthropology from Stony Brook University and between 2013 and 2020 I worked (first as a volunteer and later as a paid employee) at the American Museum of Natural History. I have been writing professionally since 2020 and have composed multiple articles for Bishop Robert Barron’s Word On Fire Catholic Ministries as well as Philip Kosloski’s Voyage Comics & Publishing. You can find links to all of my published articles here.

Interview About Fiction And Faith

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