August 4, 2022

              I am a firm believer that when we fully understand God’s Character and realize just how unlike God we are, then we are required to respond. Perhaps it is important to note that our response can be positive or negative.  When someone recognizes God’s holiness, love, grace, forgiveness, wrath, and justice, they can either: Turn away from God, live apathetically towards Him, seek their own will over His, and/or pound their fist until he/she fully gets his or... Read more

August 2, 2022

God’s Character So Far Throughout this series, we have taken a look at the character of God and how we should respond. In the first article, I introduced two main ideas: how we think about God should affect how we think about everything and as image bearers of God, it is important to have an understanding of His character. In the second article, we took a more focused look at God’s compassionate and merciful nature and discussed how in light... Read more

July 28, 2022

God’s Character Thus Far In previous articles, we have dove into different aspects of God’s character. So far, we have seen God’s grace and mercy being shown to humans that do evil and, wishing for repentance and reconciliation, we’ve seen His patience acted out towards people until the last possible moment. As we’ve seen, this seems to always be Yahweh’s first goal. It is only when humans pass a threshold of always wishing to do evil and always acting out... Read more

July 26, 2022

Important Questions Upon reading the Old Testament, Christians and non-Christians alike may come to the following conclusion: Yahweh sure can have a temper.   The Flood, Canaan, dealings with Israel, the Egyptians, the judgment of Assyria, the Hittites, and Babylon; all of these point to the idea that God can, in fact, have a temper. Yet, something that I notice is that when one comes to these passages they come to the conclusion that God is a moral monster, instead... Read more

July 21, 2022

When Atheists Debate Christians I work at a liquor warehouse. This job requires me to arrive promptly at 5 a.m. During the first 4 hours of my shift, I am doing what would be expected of a warehouse employee at 5 in the morning: I’m drinking coffee I’m moving inventory to the shelves And, of course, I’m listening to debates between Theists and Atheists One such debate I came across was a 2016 debate between Dr. David Wood and Dr.... Read more

July 19, 2022

Who is God? Maybe you’ve asked this question before. And maybe you’ve asked the question, “Why does it matter?” a couple of times as well. One thing that I believe Christians should think about is how our understanding of God affects how we interact with the world around us. Consider this: If God is holy and calls us to be so, then we should pursue holiness as well. If God seems to uphold the value of human beings as making... Read more

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