December 10, 2023

Do you talk to God? Ok, so maybe you pray. That is not really anything new.    But how does He talk to you?   First off, what is the reason for your prayers? Maybe it’s for one of the reasons below.   Atonement – to ask for forgiveness. For protection For guidance To be relieved from pain and suffering   Do you Pray for Favors?   Some people ask or petition God to attain something of temporal value such... Read more

December 2, 2023

The Origins of Narcissism   Most people know of the story of Narcissus, the self-loving Greek god who was told to have fallen in love with his own reflection in the water so much that it caused his downfall. Ultimately, we learn from this myth that prideful, self-loving, ego-centric behavior only undermines human societies by its practice.    Narcissism in Politics   There is something inherently narcissistic in political candidates. There is the allure of being a prominent decision maker... Read more

November 25, 2023

How many times has it happened? You know the formula don’t you? Some event, some act of violence happens clearly in public view with cameras and ensuing controversies about who did what. Whether it happens within the USA or offshore in some foreign or not so foreign land, the formula is always the same. Someone, or perhaps a large group of people are killed with massive craters in their wake. Perhaps the suffering was the result of some extremism masked... Read more

November 18, 2023

Why do we care about other worlds and other civilizations? So much emphasis is placed on worlds where humans are the inhabitants with some variation. In other scenarios, non-humans are the speculative life form.   Is it because the presence of such extraterrestrial life, if found, might pose an existential threat to God? What might happen to religious worship if advanced or primitive beings were found elsewhere?    The recent news media has been ripe with stories of pilots’ testimony... Read more

November 11, 2023

There has been much in the way of recent talk of whether the Catholic church needs to undergo a Vatican III reform initiative. The proponents of a 3rd Vatican council on potential changes & reforms argue that such changes are needed to ensure that the church maintains its relevance and strength in the modern world. The Pope has, as of this writing, rejected any movement towards having a Vatican III since some of the reforms suggested during Vatican II in... Read more

November 4, 2023

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 10 years, you must have seen the specter of socialism making its usual cyclical recurrence. You may have likewise seen some articles and stories written by politicians and ministers in some cases advocating the prospective egalitarian benefits of socialism.    We know why this happens. There is no government on Earth that is without huge flaws. Thus, our USA is no different. We have, in our times of anger, of... Read more

October 28, 2023

The “Origins” of Creation   We live in a strange time on Earth don’t we? Probably never in our history have there been so many disagreements on creation and existence. To be clear, the arguments are not really new except for the fact that we’re not only arguing within a particular faith or philosophy but due to globalism, changes in technology, literary movements, philosophy, advances in science as well as ignorance, we have achieved an ever-growing wave of questions and... Read more

October 21, 2023

Ignorance and Terrorism Terrorism and Today’s News   It’s everywhere, isn’t it? Just turn on today’s latest news and you will see extreme, sensationalistic news of explosions, buildings reduced to rubble, stunned, bloody victims being interviewed by journalists, ever-seeking stories of lament and war-induced carnage that feeds today’s news. You will also see the shadows of the very worst of humanity in the face of masked terrorists who know little of the Quran and even less of how their heinous... Read more

October 13, 2023

The ignorance, the propaganda and the politics of religion today Are you a follower of ignorance?   Recently, while flipping YouTube channels, I stopped and watched 5 minutes of the ever-misinformed standup comic turned armchair political commentator who for our purposes, we shall just refer to as “Host X”. I listened while he made it a point to support a growing percentage of atheists in the USA (which he referred to as “The Nones” since they don’t advocate for any... Read more

October 6, 2023

When we look at the sacred texts of the 3 Abrahamic religions, we see many social constructs and structures that were told via the human lens. However, such texts are considered to be the unedited word of God as told to the prophets who were credited with their writing. The question is whether any human prophet could ever really understand the word of God without subjecting it to their own lens of understanding. You know the story. In Christianity, Judaism... Read more

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