A Heartfelt Prayer for Canada’s Freedom

A Heartfelt Prayer for Canada’s Freedom February 10, 2022

Heavenly Father, we cry out to You for freedom for Canada, in so many ways.

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Free us from the grip of COVID-19, and its effects on life, health, body and soul.


Free us from the weight of restrictions that have laid upon us all.


Free us from the heavy burden of exhaustion that we carry.


Free us from fear, which covers the land.


Free us from anger, which has filled the atmosphere.


Free us from rumours, misinformation, and deception, wherever they are at work, that we might walk in truth.


Free us from wrong thinking, that we would know what is right.


Free us from foolishness, which pulls us away from wisdom.


Free us from selfishness, which is not how Jesus lived.


Free us from bitterness and cynicism, which seek to ensnare us.


Free our rulers, appointed by You, to make decisions in Your will alone, in wisdom and truth alone, free from politics and free from pressure.


Free us from division and contempt, which fill the hearts of so many towards those they disagree with.


Free our citizens who are restricted by the actions of protest, and free our borders, which bring provision to us all.


Free us from the pain of these past two years.


Free us from the darkness that has covered us for so long.


Free us from our sin, as we also free those who have sinned against us.


Free us to find You, in the midst of the struggle.


Free us to know Your Word and to speak it and to live it.


Free us to love You and to love our neighbours and to love our enemies, in the same way that You have loved us.


Free us to be people of faith and hope, kept in Your peace regardless of circumstance.


Free us to be filled with Your Holy Spirit, whom You have promised to give without limit.


Free us to be like Your Son, and to walk in His footsteps.


Free us, because you are Almighty God, holy and greater and higher than all things in this world.


Heavenly Father, we cry out to You for freedom for Canada, in so many ways.




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