A Pastor’s Prayer

A Pastor’s Prayer July 25, 2022

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Dear Heavenly Father,

I come to you in Name of Your Son Jesus, by the power of Your Holy Spirit.

Watch over and protect the flock that You have entrusted to my care.

Provide for them and lead them in the ways that they should go.

Draw them closer to Yourself, that they may know Your Word, Your voice, Your presence, and Your will.

Transform them into the image of Jesus, and teach them to walk in His ways.

May I be filled with Your Spirit as I lead them, and led by Him into Your plans and purposes for them.

May I have revelation to know and understand Your Word, and may I teach it faithfully.

May Your Gospel be proclaimed from this pulpit, and may all eyes be drawn to You and not me.

May I be a good and Christ-like example to these people, but may they never elevate me too high.

May I have a wise and discerning heart, as there is so much that I do not know, and I need Your guidance desperately.

May I be an example of how the grace of God meets, forgives, and changes a sinful person, that others may see this and take heart.

May I have words to sustain the weary and to lift up the fallen and to encourage the broken.

May the presence of the Living God go with me as I give my presence to others.

May my words and my actions be out of the overflow of the Holy Spirit filling me, that they may be anointed and powerful.

May I be shielded from the evil one and his many temptations.

May I avoid the drawing power of this world – to be bigger, better, louder, stronger, smarter, richer than the rest – and may I follow in the humble way of Christ.

May I die to what needs to die within me, that You would raise me to new life.

May I love these people with Your love, Your mercy, and Your compassion.

May I discern rightly what is truth from error, and help your people to see it.

May I have everything that I need from Your hand to bless and care for Your people.

May I please You and glorify You with my life and holy calling.



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