September 10, 2023

The Feast of Trumpets: You Have Been Invited, Will You Attend? In Leviticus 23, the Lord spoke to Moses telling him, “Speak to the sons of Israel and say to them, ‘the Lord’s appointed times which you should proclaim are holy convocations.'” The Lord then goes on to explain each Appointed Time (Moedim in Hebrew) or Feast Day.   There are seven Biblical Feasts of the Lord:   Passover Unleavened Bread First Fruits Shavuot (or Feast of Weeks or Pentecost)... Read more

August 24, 2023

It’s Elul. The sixth month of the Hebrew calendar. Next month, Tishri, the Biblical Fall Feasts begin. Are you ready to meet your King in the field? Elul: The King Is In The Field It is said that, in ancient times, during the month of Elul, the King would leave his throne and the security of his palace and come down to the field. It was here everyone and anyone, regardless of class, dress or status, could approach him. Put... Read more

August 14, 2023

The Law: Abolished or not? What does Scripture say?  You asked your new neighbors out to dinner for Friday evening, but they declined. They explained it’s the Sabbath and they’d prefer to be home at sundown. Besides that, no regular work is to be done on the Sabbath, and no one, such as the server at a restaurant, should have to work for them   “You’re Jewish?” you ask. It doesn’t matter to you either way, but you are curious.... Read more

August 5, 2023

What is God’s name? The Tetragrammaton explained   God is known by many names. You may have heard titles such as, Elohim (Hebrew: god), Adonai (Hebrew: lord), Jehovah, HaShem (Hebrew: the name) to refer to God. But what IS God’s name? Does He have one? And how do we know how to pronounce it, if He does?   The Burning Bush   In the opening of Exodus 3, While tending sheep near Mt. Sinai, Moses encounters the Burning Bush, a... Read more

July 28, 2023

Shalom! Welcome to Torah Is The Word. We thank you for stopping by Torah Is The Word and hope you enjoy the articles we plan on sharing each week. Torah Is The Word is a Messianic ministry dedicated to spreading Biblical, scriptural truths about practices deemed obsolete or thought to be strictly Jewish, but are designed for all of those who worship the God of Israel and have faith in Christ. These practices, which all point to Christ, include keeping... Read more

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