Pope Benedict XVI: Climate Change a Grave Issue

Pope Benedict XVI: Climate Change a Grave Issue September 7, 2007

“Care of water resources and attention to climate change are matters of grave importance for the entire human family… Encouraged by the growing recognition of the need to preserve the environment, I invite all of you to join me in praying and working for greater respect for the wonders of God’s creation!”

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  • I love our Shepherd. He doesn’t call for law change, but as a Christian, prays for change in the hearts and minds of people.

  • radicalcatholicmom

    While we continue to use as much as we want and consume at an ever faster rate. Faith without works is a dead faith according to James. We have to change our behaviors.

    Thanks, Katerina.

  • Well, that is what has to take place first: conversion of heart…

  • Absolutely.

  • The horizon of ecological crisis imposed by the threat of global warming finally allows (humanly speaking!) a secure platform for the unitas Catholica to finally speak out coherently against the Whig/Marxist/Friedmanite perspective on life, the universe, and everything, in which there are no ultimate limits, and humnaity, conceived in brazenly Pelagian terms has it entirely within his (and it usually is his) capacity to remake everything to suit and solve all problems by means of growth. Now we can finally speak out without so easily being labelled as reactionaries, as superstitious etc, but rather we can be seen to be articulating the deepest insight so the natural law, and as putting forth the true historical materialism, that begins not merely with us and our economic strivings, but with the virgin mother earth that from her womb gives birth to us all.

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